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Performing Leadership:
Can you create a great performance in three days? Orchestra conductors do so time and time again. Bernhard Kerres investigates how they do it and what we can learn from them.
Business Strategy Review 23/1 Spring 2012

Business Strategy Review

Musical Lessons from Venezuela:
Bernhard's new article on the Business Strategy Review web page is online:

Musical Lessons from Venezuela

The opening of London 2012 will be celebrated all over the Britain. But why is a Venezuelan orchestra playing at the opening night in Stirling, Scotland? What does that have to do with the Olympics?


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Anchors in a Professional Storm:
Professional service firms — the ones traditionally hired to help other businesses — have increasingly found themselves in rough waters. Dominic Houlder, Bernhard Kerres and Harry Korine believe that these firms need to change. But, first, they must ensure that they have anchors to keep them from drifting into turbulent waters that could destroy them.
Business Strategy Review 22/4, Winter 2011